Graphic Designer (UBA) Universidad de Buenos Aires, with a postgraduate degree in Management and Politics in Culture and Communication (FLACSO). Since 2006 she specializes in cultural design. She lives and works in Buenos Aires.

With a particular interest in cultural design as a collaborative practice that explores the possibilities of design in the production of art and culture. Works in ongoing partnerships with artists, curators, publishers, architects, designers, and art institutions. Experiments with multiple formats such as editorial, web, visual identity, exhibitions, and audiovisual design. Dedicated to teaching (Design Degree, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella) and the development of interdisciplinary projects of her own initiative.

Visual Identity, editing and communication for Cultural institutions & artists: Galería Dabbah — Torrejón 2006/11, Galería Foster Catena 2011/14, Fundación Proa 2009/10, CC Moca 2008/10, Fundación Itaú Cultural 2010/14, Emily Harvey Foundation NY 2015/16, Centro Metropolitano de Diseño 2009/16, among others.

Fundación Arteba
Roseti ediciones
Walden Naturae
Fundación Ama Amoedo